Bibliometric Analysis of Green Bonds


  • Ms. Jagriti


Every organisation needs finance for fulfilling its requirements and there are numerous alternatives available. Traditional sources include equities, preferences, debentures and bonds etc. With changing scenario there comes different advancements in this field and one of them is green bonds. These are like the conventional bonds but the difference comes where there is a need to finance the projects that are environment friendly. It not only generates rational returns but also provide tax advantage to the holder. As an emerging issue there have been several researches on this contemporary topic. The current paper attempts to highlight different bibliometric aspects and the knowledge base on green bonds with the assistance of different tools like citation analysis, bibliometric coupling, co-authorship analysis. The paper has been distributed into five prominent sections, first is introduction, second covers the literature review on different bibliometric tools to analyse the data. Section 3 delves into the detailed methodology carried out in this study. Section 4 shows trends in publications and Section 5 is the conclusive one.