Role of E-Healthcare on Caregiver Role: Mapping the Future Research Agenda


  • Dr. Pavleen Soni
  • Ms. Shikha Sharma


This paper aims to study caregiver burden and various e-health services to facilitate the role of the family caregiver. Family caregivers are an essential source of support for the patient in the self-management of their illness. They are the safety net of the patients and share the care responsibility with the formal healthcare system. The role of the caregiver is highly stressful due to the patients' demanding needs and the caregiver's capabilities. The imbalance between the needs and abilities leads to poor quality of life and impacts the caregivers' psychological well-being. There is a need to sustain the needs and well-being of the caregivers. Information and communication technology aids caregivers in caring activities and lowers the caregiver burden. The emergence of artificial intelligence and chatbots are offering personalized ways to facilitate caregiving roles. Further, this paper provides future research agenda to view ICT and emerging technologies considering their darker facets. ICT may escalate the strain experienced in the caregiver role by impacting familial relations and triggering techno-stress from ICT use.