Why the World Needs Designers Today


  • Renate Boere
  • Quirine Dob


One of the most discussed issues within the field of design is probably the term ‘design’ itself and its many interpretations. What is the value of a schooled designer in a world in which everyone with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription can call themselves a designer? What is the difference between a social/graphic/service/interaction designer? Should the modern designer work on a commissioned base or engage in a more autonomous practice? The question of design and its value is captured best in its diversity, or as stated matter-of-factly by Mieke Gerritsen and Geert Lovink in the quote above: design is everywhere.

KEYWORDS: Change, Designer, Product.

Author Biographies

Renate Boere

Renate Boere is a designer, organizer of lectures and symposia, and lecturer at various art academies in the Netherlands and abroad. Since 1998 she has been founder and  art director of her studio of the same name. Next to her position at Studio Renate Boere, she has acquired her Master’s degree in Design from the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam in 2017.

Quirine Dob

Quirine Dob is a designer, writer and project manager for Studio Renate Boere, where she has been working since 2018. She is also a guest lecturer at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Next to her position at Studio Renate Boere, she currently pursuing a Master in Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam.