Grays to greens: A place where humans and nature coexist A case study of Bosco Verticale, Milan, India


  • Ar. Ishween


This paper addresses the case study of Bosco Verticale which is famous by the name Vertical Forest located in the Metropolitan city of Milan, Italy. The aim of this paper is to boast sustainable architecture to maintain a pleasant balance between technology and nature for a superior coexistence of humans and nature. Bosco Verticale is a sustainable residential building designed by the Stefano Boeri along with Gianandrea Barreca and Giovanni La Varra of Boeri Studio. Bosco Verticale is a live example on architecture which proves that by constructing buildings we can also balance the ecosystem to withdraw the impact of environmental calamities such as Global warming, Climate change and increased rate of carbon emissions to the surroundings. The building was awarded with International Highrise Award in 2014 and the best tall building worldwide in 2015 by the Council named as Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

Keywords: Sustainability, Vertical Forest, Architectural biodiversity, Arboreal, microclimate, Botanical, Skygarden, LEED

Author Biography

Ar. Ishween

(Assistant Professor)

CT institute of Architecture and Planning, Jalandhar, Punjab, India