How the COVID-19 crisis reshapes the creative industry


  • Budi Loonen


Last year I came in contact with Apeejay College from of Fine Arts by giving my lectures for that university. The following year, 2020, I was teaching at Jalandhar in India. A few months later, the whole world was in panic over the Covid19 outbreak. From that point on, I could only do some online sessions and webinars via video conferencing. Also in my country, the Netherlands, the situation was tense. Especially the hospitals were flooded with infected people (1). During this time I switched to different projects in my advertising and creative agency NO TOMATO. I think my example shows that even during a pandemic like this, you can be resourceful and do great things. Even if you are struggling financially, if you are short on materials, if you have a different target audience or no target audience at all, it's possible. I am not alone and other people have managed to completely rethink the core of business in terrific ways (2).