Traditional Elegance (Revival of Ikat Fabrics)


  • Rajni Gupta
  • Silky Ishpujani


This research paper aims at providing a chance of revival to a magnificent Indian Craft i.eIkat fabrics which is facing threat to its existence due to lack of innovation and contemporization according to needs and taste of new generation. Ikat fabrics in which cotton  and silk yarns are given life by imaginative combinations of tying, dyeing and weaving to produce enormous variety of patterns and textures are produced in many states of India such as Gujarat,  Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. Different fabric combinations and surface ornamentation techniques were used to break the monotonous look of the craft. A panel of 25 female respondents was called to adjudge the 20 sketched designs presented in detail with swatches. Best 6 designs were selected and most preferred 02 designs of garments were constructed. Results of the study showed that most of the respondents preferred formal co-ords in Ikat fabrics clubbed with bright colored woven fabrics used in combination with embroidery,  shells and laces. This research clearly indicated that a new approach has to be adopted for the new generation of today to discover the beauty of traditional crafts and support it.

Keywords: Ikat, Ikkat, indian textile, indian craft, traditional craft, revival, contemporization, resist dying

Author Biographies

Rajni Gupta

Associate Professor, Dept. of Design 

Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar            

Silky Ishpujani

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Design (Fashion)

Apeejay College of FineArts, Jalandhar