Climate responsive commercial spaces guided bt parametric approach of design: case application of Ranchi.


  • Sanghamitra Sarkar
  • Anjali Priya


Commercial Spaces has been the backbone of city since ages. It has been the center of trade, commerce and interac- tion. Commercial centers are responsible for changing the cities globally. Commercial centers are of various types depending on functions among which Shopping centers are one which are influencing the urban lifestyle of people. Shopping center which we see today is the blind imitation of Western concept which demands high air – conditioning load. Considering lack of interactive spaces and climate responsive design application is now major cause of global warming today. This paper is an attempt towards integrating culture of Indian shopping and climate responsive de- sign using computational method to showcase optimum design solution.

Keywords: Commercial spaces, Climate Responsive Architecture, Bazaar, Shopping Centre, Sustain- able Design, Parametrics

Author Biographies

Sanghamitra Sarkar

Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture

Jadavpur University, Kolkata-700054 (India)

Anjali Priya

UG Scholar, B.Arch (2020)

Jadavpur University, Kolkata-700054 (India)