Social Welfare Hub: An Initiative to Merge Orphanage with Old Age Home


  • Ar. Sakshi Arora
  • Ar. Simran Sood


The goal of the current paper is to express the significance of amalgamation of orphanage and old age home. How the individual homes provided for these two sections of the society are not helping them and how combining these homes will lead the grieve stricken individuals to fulfill their desires by interchanging of their emotions and feelings. A new study by an international charity for orphaned and abandoned children found that India is home to 20 million orphans and according to census 2011, 11 million old age people are being abandoned and are homeless. Providing a hub indulging both the homes will also reduce the need to form more and more orphanages and old age homes every year to home these homeless people. Residents of both these homes are happy to receive shelter and food but not contented because that is not all they need. Countering depression is of utmost importance for them to lead a meaningful life that can be attained by this amalgamation. It focuses on the endeavor of creating this hub, providing them with their emotional needs but still letting them have their private space to carry on with their lifestyle. It is also very important to stop this practice of abandoning the old and the young ones' to reduce the crime rate in India as vicious people find this as an opportunity to exploit these people for their income. This hub also aims at spreading awareness of the same.

Keywords: Amalgamation: the action, process, or result of combining or uniting.

Author Biographies

Ar. Sakshi Arora

Assistant Professor 

CT Institute of Architecture and Planning,

Jalandhar Punjab (India)                                                          

Ar. Simran Sood

Assistant Professor 

CT Institute of Architecture and Planning,

Jalandhar Punjab (India)