Making the Existing Green – From Buildings to Streets


  • Ar. Rimaljeet Kaur


It is now generally accepted that we need to live in a way that protects the inheritance of the future generations. This applies to all aspects of the environment:  natural and built. Effective adaptation of our existing building stock to meet modern requirements for energy efficiency is one important way of creating a more sustainable society, and the integrity of greenery and green spaces adjacent with the sustainable practices. Surroundings existing around us, is continuously being degraded or depleted, the green solutions already provided are unable to meet the requirements posed by the environment. This is because, for a common man it is either unattainable, or not affordable. The existing bodies in each country or region are now fairly aware of what is happening and what will be the future issues of the present situation; Very few practices are undertaken to reconstruct the degraded environment, which is much more crucial than planning for the upcoming programs. Environment in the existing spaces requires a feeling rejuvenation. The spaces that are most important to a human being are the place where he resides. He wishes for it to be sustainable, livable and comfortable in all aspects. Though hardly few people who try to make it in the aforesaid way, by applying efforts. The research is about inventing such techniques and ways to make a common man’s surroundings more comfortable in terms of physical environment, which can be implemented with an ease and can be affordable enough for them. The intent is to take the research from a dwelling to a street or regional level, redeveloping and making the environment better.

Keywords: Environment, Green spaces, Sustainable.

Author Biography

Ar. Rimaljeet Kaur

Assistant Professor

Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar, 144001