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DESCRIPTIO, a Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal wide ISSN No. 2249-4480 provides an International platform for research in the field of Design and creative education. It aims to publish refereed articles/papers about visual arts, crafts, design, architecture and art history, in all aspects, phases and types of education contexts, learning situations and developments in the field of Interior Design & Architecture, Fashion, Textile, Multimedia and Graphics. The journal is of high repute as it has renowned International and Indian professionals and academicians on its Editorial Advisory Board. 


The Journal publishes work that articulates its relevance to the process of designing, research, management, practice or design education which in turn could make innovative contributions and developments to knowledge and practice of design. The work must also be relevant to a broad audience of researchers, teachers and practitioners across different design domains.

Shortly, we are coming up with a new edition of the Journal based on the theme of THINKING DESIGN FOR THE FUTURE.

Topics covered in this edition are as under:

  1. Design in daily life
  2. New Materials and Technologies
  3. Design Details
  4. Holistic design solutions
  5. Responsible design and sustainable society
  6. New Trends in Design Entrepreneurship
  7. Future perspectives of design as a profession and as a discipline

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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2021)
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Published: 2021-09-22


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